AGRICULTURE / Dairy Farms / Cattle Farms

Agriculture constantly suffers from a shortage of qualified workers, temporary as well as permanent, which are essential to the main functions of harvesting, pruning, selection, packing, etc…This situation has been largely caused by the rise in the standard of living in western countries. Many young people are better educated, choosing to continue their studies as opposed to working in such a demanding and challenging industry like agriculture. Therefore, there is an evident shortage of local skilled labor in many Romania/Bulgarian provinces.

In spite of systematizing and automating aspects of the productive process, the agricultural sector has still been forced by necessity to cover its need for qualified manpower through use of illegal workers.



Workers4U guarantees that all its practices are done strictly in accordance with Romania/Bulgaria employment laws and regulations. Each and every
candidate undergoes strict selection process to better suit employer’s needs.

The workers provided by Workers4U can work in various ways, either for an hourly wage or on a piecework basis. According to the project’s contract,employees are available to work for the full duration of their stay.


  • selection and packing
  • greenhouses operation
  • citrus harvesting
  • floriculture
  • fruit & vegetable growing operations
  • poultry & livestock farms
  • mushroom harvesting





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