About us

Workers4U  is a multinational company focused on management of human resources in various labor-intensive industries. These industries include

agriculture, construction, industrial production, manufacturing, fishing, hospitality, geriatric care and nursing worldwide. Workers4U has recruited a large
amount of qualified candidates in the past 11 years to work in these industries in countries other than their origin.


We control recruitment agencies in the Far East including Thailand, China, Myanmar, Nepal, The Philippines and India. This allows for 100% control over the
recruitment process, which is the most essential aspect of our business. By handpicking every candidate, we can assure that their skills, qualifications and
backgrounds align with the particular needs of each employer.


The workers that Workers4U provides will have a direct and permanent labor relationship with their employer throughout the duration of their contracts


With 11 years experience in this business worldwide, Workers4U has developed a large network of contacts and resources as well as a deep understanding of the
legalities involved in the recruitment and placement of foreign workers.


These tools facilitate the visa and work permit application processes, which can take up to six months to finalize.


Our task is to ensure that all foreign applicants possess a high level of related skills, experience and qualifications as well as strong work ethics before they are considered as potential candidates. furthermore, we aim to familiarize ourselves with each employer to choose the most suitable candidates for the position.

Workers4U - Head Office e-mail: contact@workers4u.net | Romania - Bulgaria - Portugal - Spain - New Zealand