The vast majority of Romania/Bulgarian industrial manufacturing is under pressure and suffers from a great deficit of qualified workers The phenomenon of globalization has caused many young people to abandon technical schools and opt instead for university qualifications.


This drain in manpower has left many industries desperately undermanned. This problem has been the subject of several international conferences and has led many developed countries to transfer aspects of their traditional manufacturing to Asian countries. These countries have large educational centers that provide training important to the industries.


Workers4U constantly monitors the evaluation and testing process in which every worker must undergo. Workers4U handpicks the most qualified workers for the job by selecting those who finish at the top of the testing bracket. These qualified workers have experience in fields such as light & heavy industry workers,carpenters,upholsters, tool & die makers, textile workers, welders, engravers, etc.


At Workers4U we have developed a system, which allows employers to concentrate on their factories and businesses without worrying about the problem of labor. Our job is to provide qualified workers, rigorously selected according to the highest standards in the sector.


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