FishAreries around the world have a shortage of high quality, industrious, professional, long-term labor. The field is considered to be profitable; however the HR problem constantly lies beneath the surface in all realms of the field, from trawler workers, to fishing boat workers, factory work, food processing, production and other related jobs.


At Workers4U we have designed a service that allows fishery owners to focus on their core business with minimal resources spent on finding, hiring, and caring for foreign workers. We are here to take care of everything, from identifying your business needs to finding the most suitable applicants to fulfill them.


Staff can be hired on an hourly basis, contract lease, or for long-term employment. Workers are also available for large project and overtime work.


Our candidates have been raised by many generations of fishery workers. Our company recruits these foreigners, thus providing them with new, exciting opportunities for overseas employment. These highly skilled workers are known to have extremely high work ethics and as they travel with the sole purpose of working, they are available for a six-day workweek, and in most cases happy to work overtime.




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