It’s Globalization, the borders of culinary culture have practically disappeared It is extremely simple, nowadays, to experience different types of Eastern cuisine on the streets of the major capitals of the world. With the passage of time, customers have higher expectations and can appreciate the luxury of an authentic chef.


Tourism has also become part of our quality of life. In some places, such as New Zealand, Canada, Romania/Bulgaria & other countries, tourism influx now surpasses the number of inhabitants of the country. This has brought about a flow of permanent and temporary workers filling the positions of manual laborers, in the food and beverage departments, service workers, maids, cooks & cook assistants, kitchen and laundry staff, cleaning & janitorial personnel.


Legally documented workers with a permanent agreement with the employer are the key to obtaining the benefits of contracted labor. At Workers4U, we handle round trip flights for workers and all of their legal documentation.



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