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To ensure an efficient service to the client,Workers4U manages the process of obtaining Romania/Bulgarian work permits for each foreign candidate. Workers4U also ensures that all the necessary documentation is gathered from workers countries of origin, consular offices and other relevant administrative centers. Workers4U makes certain that each and every candidate fulfills all legal requirements as well as possesses all the necessary skills, experiences and expertise in required field Our expert immigration lawyers work closely with the employer in order to meet all the requirements by the Immigration office of Romania/Bulgaria and create a contract, specific to each client. In addition, our legal authorities guarantee that our practices are done strictly in accordance with Romania/Bulgarian employment laws and regulations.


Upon their arrival to Romania/Bulgaria, foreign workers are transferred to prearranged accommodations, organized either by Workers4U or by their contracting employers. In some cases, Workers4U undertakes the responsibility for arranging. the transportation to and from employees residence to their workplace Workers4U provides workers on either an hourly wage or piecework basis according to collective agreements. According to the contract of the project, employees are available to work for the full period of their stay in Romania/Bulgaria.


In addition, Workers4U provides a very personal service to the workers. It offers basic language courses in the countries of origin to minimize potential language barriers upon their arrival to Romania/Bulgaria. Workers4U makes sure all foreign workers possess necessary vocabulary to perform their every day work duties and responsibilities.


Moreover, Workers4U maintains continuous contact with the foreign employees as well as employers during the term of their contract. Workers4U closely monitors the security, workplace conditions, health and personal well being of the workers. It also ensures that the employers are satisfied with the workers professional performances, work ethics and competencies.

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